Reliable Emergency Backup Power for Security Gates

The HIGHEST RELIABILITY Emergency Backup Power for Security Gates

Your electrically operated gate is a valuable part of your security scheme, but it's only as good as its UPS.

What will happen when your gate looses power?  Will you be stuck inside, or trapped outside? Neither of these circumstances are acceptable.  ETI's UPS systems can prevent these eventualities.

Most security gates or barrier systems are equipped with backup power. A good configuration usually includes a primary power supply with an AC motor and an auxiliary motor. These two motors share the same mechanisms, controllers, sensors, communications, etc. The auxiliary motor has its own independent power supply, and if the primary power fails, the auxiliary power supply will take over, moving the barrier as needed without interruption of service.

Problems arise when there is inadequate power for the backup motor. Many gates have been put in place using substandard off-the-shelf UPS (uninterruptible power supplies). These powers supplies might work for brief outages, but when the primary power is out for an extended period of time, such as a blackout or disaster, the batteries for the backup motor become depleted leaving the gate inoperable.  Several shorter outages can also drain backup motor's batteries. As a result of this additional strain, the batteries may not be able to recharge.

For example, California’s rolling brown outs and other power grid struggles gradually depleted the back up battery power in some areas leaving many security gates with NO back up system. Hospitals and other facilities had to leave their gates open or barriers down, compromising their security. Residents to gated communities had to pry open the gates to enter or leave their homes! ETI's own General Manager even had to disassemble his own community's gate mechanism so cars could get out of the community!

Additionally, substandard UPS systems may lack the ability to properly support motor loads without damage to themselves or the gate's motor. Cheaper UPS units use modified square wave which causes motor overheating, because the electronics of those units are not designed to withstand the high inrush requirements of gate motors. This also causes longer starting cycles. Most standard units fail for these reasons.

Climate also causes these off-the-shelf systems to fail. Standard units are not designed to withstand the higher environmental temperatures of outdoor applications. ETIs units are designed and built to withstand these harsh environments.

A serious consequence of these technical issues is gate failures for EMS and fire workers. Most communities and states have laws requiring security gates to be accessible by emergency vehicles. Below are two examples of Emergency Gate ordinances:

Security GATE Regulations (Hayward CA)
All security gates must have manual back up systems and alternative energy back-up systems, such as generator or battery, which would allow operation of the security gate(s) during an electrical power outage.

Fire Prevention Regulations (Knox County TN) for Security Gates
The Installation of a security gate across a fire apparatus access road shall be approved by the fire chief. Where security gates are installed, they shall have an approved means of emergency operation. The security gates and the emergency operation shall be maintained operational at all times.

When EMS accessible gates are inoperable, emergency personnel can be delayed causing loss of property or life!

“These gates are usually to give residents a sense of security and that is great. But when security keeps those who need to get in, out, the purpose is defeated,” said Pismo Beach/Cal Fire Capt. Bill Grundler...

Backup Power Mounting Options for Gate Applications
Various mounting options are available for back up power depending on your configuration.
Gated estates, parks, and other facilities also require reliable back up power to maintain their security during power emergencies.
NEMA Enclosures
ETI offers a variety of UPS in NEMA cabinets. These are appropriate for gates requiring back up power, but not personnel to control the flow of traffic. The protective cases keep the internal components safe and functional despite variable outdoor conditions. NEMA configurations are used in gates to private estates, rear entrances to secure facilities or gated communities.
  • Multiple UPS Ratings Selection
  • Choice of NEMA 12, 4 or 4X
  • Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Cabinets
  • Standard or Custom Interfaces
NEMA Cabinet

Gate w UPS- Inside ETI's NEMA cabinets, the components are secured to resist shock and vibration
Rackmount Systems
Many UPS systems are kept in equipment racks supporting vital equipment. ETI's units are built rugged to function reliably in various locations or environmental conditions. These rack systems are appropriate for use in guard huts, central offices or IT rooms requiring back up power, that requires occasional on site monitoring.
  • Multiple UPS Ratings available: 1- 6 kVA
  • Internal UPS Battery Modules extend UPS backup times.
  • Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Cabinets
  • Standard or Custom Interfaces
  • Rackmount slides and fixed mount bracket kits allow for easy access
ETI's ETI0001-1473AA Rackmount UPS system

Assembled in USA
TAA compliant
ETI is proud to be fully ISO 9001 Certified

BarrierBackup™: Homeland Security Applications
In addition to providing backup power for gates, ETI supports homeland security efforts and other high security facilities by providing our backup power for a number of other security mechanisms that rely on power: high security net barriers, retractable bollards, rising security barriers, high security anti ram raid barriers and more. The reliability of these barriers is often critical in the event of a security threat. The electrical grid is often targeted first in a terrorist attack, leaving electronic barriers and gates vulnerable. These security measures need to remain functional to either raise and provide security when needed most, or to be deactivated to allow access for escape routes, emergency personnel or rescue crews.

ETI provides power to various types of automated security barriers: Net barriers, bollards, anti-ram barriers and more.

Energy Technologies, Inc. Backup Power Products
Energy Technologies' (ETI) products are the standard in rugged, high-reliability power conditioning for the industrial, medical, telecommunications and defense sectors. These modular products are customizable and in use around the world.

ETI’s backup power units for gate security are appropriate for:

  • Homeland Security Projects
  • Chemical & Petroleum Perimeter
  • Industrial & Utility Perimeter
  • Department of Defense Projects
  • Transportation: Airports, Ports rail
  • Military Bases & Facilities
  • Private Estates
  • Correctional Facilities
  • High Security Gates
  • Rooftop Enclosures
  • Crash Barriers
  • Border Security

ETI’s product line includes:

  • Intelligent AC and DC Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)
  • Power Inverters
  • AC and DC Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • AC Power Conditioners
  • Frequency Converters
  • DC backup/battery systems Integrated Power Systems (IPS)
  • AC and DC Power Supplies
  • Portable Generators.
  • Solar Power Solutions
  • Portable Fuel Cell power generation

ETI's field proven UPS are ideally suited for industrial, defense, and telecommunications applications requiring high reliability NEMA cabinets, rugged rack mounts, fixed mount or portable configurations.

Available in power ratings from 1000 to 10,000 VA, these heavy duty units are designed to occupy minimum space. Internally, all major components are well secured and electrically insulated to prevent damage due to shock and vibration. These units are available for both domestic and international voltages. External LED arrays can keep the operator informed as to the unit's status including load and battery levels. We also offer units equipped with SNMP and HTTP protocols for remote monitoring capabilities.

Rugged, Not Ruggedized:
Most power products sold as “rugged” start out as standard consumer products which vendors attempt to "ruggedize". These ruggedized commercial products usually fail due to either temperature, mechanical shock or vibration since they were not designed to withstand these extremes! ETI's products are designed to be rugged from the ground up.

Lowest Total Ownership Cost (TOC)
ETI’s products have the lowest Total Ownership Cost due to their overall performance and reliability. After the initial product cost, Installation, Training, Maintenance, Spares and Uptime are very significant factors in TOC. Very high reliability means minimal maintenance, which results in minimal manpower requirements. Once the ETI units are installed, they require very little maintenance and negligible spare parts. ETI products are field proven, very high reliability, and maximum operational uptime.

NEMA Cabinet units from ETI allow users to protect their equipment in many environments.

PowerStation™ Modular Power Systems, NEMA Type 12, 4 and 4X Configurations


Rugged Rack or Fixed Mount 2000 VA (1.9Hp) UPS & Frequency Converter

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